Project: 960 W. 7th Street, Los Angeles

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DATES: July 2019 - Present
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA


Mixed-use residential and commercial development on an approximately 1.30 acre vacant site. The project will include up to 790,000 s.f. of floor area in a single tower on top of an 11-level basement and an above grade podium, with a maximum building height of 64 stories as viewed from 8th Street. The project will include a total of up to 784 residential units and up to 6,700 s.f. of commercial retail and/or restaurant uses.


Very deep and narrow excavation, 60′ deep at South end and 100′ deep at the north end.  Sharma also coordinated with the Shoring contractor to help design and implement a very complicated plan to create necessary ramps, drilling benches and tie back benches.  The final ramp removal could only be performed on top of a trestle using a one of a kind “dipper” bucket mounted on a PC490 excavator.