Our Business

Sharma General Engineering Contractors is built on a 30-year tradition of earth moving and excavation expertise, competitive pricing and impeccable integrity. Over the decades, established general contractors have collaborated with Sharma to deliver a wide range of quality projects throughout the region including subdivisions, airports, golf courses, commercial and industrial developments, landfills, flood control initiatives and hundreds of other heavy construction projects.

Our Equipment

We own and operate over 100 pieces of heavy equipment. Owning the fleet allows Sharma maximum control over the entire project process from estimate to excavation. Maintaining and servicing machines in house means more competitive pricing, more innovative solutions and more efficient workflow.

Scrapers: 657; 637D; 623
Dozers: D6R; D8L; D9R; D10N – some total machine control
Motor Graders: CAT 140; John Deere 672 – all total machine control
Compactors: 814; 824C; 835; 834
Excavators: JD50; JD85; PC400; PC490LCi; PC210LCi – some total machine control
Loaders – 100; 950G; 950H; 980M; 966H
Water Trucks – 2000 Gal; 4000 Gal; 8000 Gal
Articulating Trucks – 30 ton and 40 ton


Technology changes with incredible speed and Sharma is always on the front lines of exploring, learning and implementing the latest tools. Drones, one of our most recent investments in innovation, allow us to survey a job site in a fraction of the time it used to take. The Sharma team is constantly improving their work by integrating new technology.