Project: Simi Valley Landfill

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DATES: January 2016 - Ongoing - Completion scheduled for February 2017
LOCATION: Simi Valley, CA


A new landfill entrance road for Waste Management required cut and fill of over 1.8 million cubic yards of soil and hauling 390,000 cubic yards of earth to fill the new entrance area — all without disturbing the ongoing traffic at the landfill. The Sharma team also processed and placed clay liner material and operation layer for the landfill cell and installed lines for domestic water and reclaimed water as well as storm drains, sewer and electrical lines. The team excavated subdrain trenches and anchor trenches for geosynthetic liner and backfill. In addition, the Sharma team installed curbs, sidewalks, retaining walls, v-ditches, detention basin spillways, and numerous storm drain structures. To finish the project, they based, paved and striped the new road with a value engineered twist: they created a $150,000 cost savings by reducing the base section of the paved roads by soil cementing the subgrade sections in place.


The public trash traffic and waste management process had to remain uninterrupted throughout the safe and productive excavation and movement of over 1.8 million cubic yards of earth.