Project: New Madera Courthouse

Madera Courthouse Madera Courthouse Madera Courthouse Click to Enlarge
DATES: 2012 - 2013


Sharma completed two major jobs for the construction of this steel-framed structure. They started with over –excavation and recompaction of the existing site, excavation of the building basement and separate parking structure basement, and backfilling of the basement walls including numerous retaining walls and tunnels. The second part of the job was installation of wet side underground utilities including domestic water, fire water, sanitary sewer, storm drains and various vaults, drywell systems and manholes. In total, this job moved 40,000 cubic yards of over excavation and recompaction and 12,000 cubic yards of backfill.


The preconstruction challenges included coordinating suppliers, vendors, submittals, approvals, and materials delivery. During construction, working around other trades while installing the underground utilities presented challenges as did the ongoing coordination with other trades to ensure the simultaneous installation of underground utilities.